The Killing Season is a project that considers the impact and intersection of language and visual description.  Using a book called a Descriptionary (a reference book that selects a topic and explores it through a collection of words and definitions associated with that subject) as my guide I chose one area to illustrate the investigation and challenge of language.  The subject was insect and the Descriptionary supplied 59 words, with definitions, each word having to do with a particular body part or insect behavior.  I wrote each word and definition on its own piece of 6×6” paper. The written area was covered with a protective plastic layer. Each night over the summer and into the fall I taped a definition to the front of my car and drove with the express purpose of collecting the subject of those various definitions-insects.  The complete project includes 60 panels (one for the title) each with a defined word, covered to a greater or lesser extent with captured insects.

Images 12×12” inkjet prints with handwritten text using ink and graphite, 2005