Tiny Writing consists of three 16×14” pieces of paper. One paper is entitled “action”, one “thought” and the third “emotion”.  The endeavor was a quasi- scientific one meant to dissect the events of daily life. When a note worthy action took place it was written using a rapidograph pen in minuscule writing on the sheet for “actions” and numbered with a Roman numeral. The corresponding “thought” and “emotion” are recorded on their designated paper, noted with the corresponding Roman numeral from the action, which produced these responses. This process was continued until one sheet of paper is filled. (4 yrs begun in 2002)

The thesis behind the endeavor is to show that “actions” in our lives take up the smallest amount of space.  And that when we try to nullify an event by acting as though it never occurred it is absolute folly as the “thought” and “emotion” that are created by the action are far more significant than the event itself. This is as true in one’s own life as it is in world events.

Three 16×14” pieces of paper with handwritten text, 2001-2004



Tiny Writing: Action, Thought & Emotion